Christmas in San Antonio 2023

This year for Christmas I flew back home to Texas to spend some time with my family and enjoy the San Antonio Festivities! We went to downtown San Antonio on Christmas eve to walk on the river and enjoy the lights!

The River walk was all lit up! We watched the brightly lit boats go by on this magical evening. I convinced my mom and my brother to stand in the light for a second as well so I could get a picture of them.

My mom has saved all of my K’nex from when I was a kid, and everything including all the motors still work! So I also spent Christmas even building the Power Tower Crane, which is something I got as a Christmas present, maybe in 2003?

My dad is really into shooting targets, so on the 26’th, he took us out to a ranch to test our aim on some steel targets. I got to use the M1 Garand.

Here is my brother testing out his new pistol, And these last two I took with my 35mm Canon Ae-1P

I also visited my cousins, and we played a game that is like werewolf, except Donner Party themed! Also plenty of spiked eggnog to be had there as well!