Ren Fair 2024

Spring is here and that means its its time to travel back to the Santé Fe Recreational Dam area. Back to another time full of turkey legs, and coresets. That’s right! its time for the Southern California Renaissance Pleasure fair!

It was wild again this year with even more people, if you can believe that!

Phoebe, Cooper, Chloe, Jack and Max all showed up in costume!

Jack arrived with out a costume, but over the course of the fair eventually cobbled together a cool pirate outfit from the stunning selection of vendor wares.

Here he is in most of his get up.

We played games and shot at these funny dragon cartoons with our flimsy crossbows!

Here is a rare shot of me trying to photograph people. The main problem with being the camera guy is that there are never photos of me!

That’s all for this years fair, I have a fun time every year, but next year I think I will go to the one in Corona. The sheer number of people who attend this particular fair is getting obscene. The line of cars was over an hour long for me this time.