Solar VS. Rick And Morty!

The Rick and Morty Softball team (The When Wolves) was up against the Solar Sluggers tonight. They played a hard hitting game of softball over at the olive recreation center.

Spoiler alert! We won! And by we, I mean the actual players. I was just the guy there with the camera hanging out with the plus 1’s

Up first here are some of the batters, we have Gen, Ian, Sam, and Dik, Can’t remember the other guys name but he usually hit the ball very far!

Once you hit the ball you need to run of course. so here are Kimmy and Ian sprinting over to first base. I shot this at 400 speed F2.8 so I could get the action nice and clear.

Over on the bleachers side we have the cheer squad and a few nice doggos.

After crushing the solar sluggers, every one did a perfect jump in unison.