Teaching Sailors about Animation

Fleet week 2024 is here! And this year was special because our guest of honor was a real Nuclear Powered Aircraft Carrier! The U.S.S. Carl Vinson CVN 70 is here! And with it over 3000 sailors who want to visit LA

The wonderful people at the battleship Iowa who host fleet week asked me if I wanted to teach the sailors about animation on board the carrier! Turns out, sailor love Rick and Morty, and a lot of them like to draw too! It was truly humbling! Check it out they even made me a sign!

I love aircraft carriers, so it was super excited to be on one. They are SO huge, its hard to fathom! We boarded the ship and got a little lost! but then we found the class room!

I got to show them some concept art, and then they wanted to learn how to draw a plane! some of them even drew along with me!

They were good artists too! This girl helped me finish the plane I was working on! I did an animation demo too, and showed them how to do a bouncing ball!

After the demo some of the sailors wanted photos with me!

Afterwards we got to tour the flight deck and I got to meet a real E2 Hawk Eye Pilot! I love these planes!

And then I hung out and looked at all the rest of the equipment, and got to spend some time playing with machineguns on a Huey!

Over at the battleship Iowa, I have two new shirt designs in their gift store. I’ve been volunteering here for over a year now. I help them out with merchandise. I get to draw T shirts, and make stickers for them. and it all goes to support the museum ship.

They also made a special Fleet week shirt out of my sticker design and my new friend Wes wanted me to sign it for him! Wes is kind of like a PR person for the Navy! Whelp that wraps up Fleet Week 2024! I hope we’ll be able to do this again next year!