3D Models

I am often asked to make 3D models for use in animation. 3D Models can be traced by designers and rotoscoped by animators saving time and money.  All 3D models I make are made in Maya/Blender and can be integrated into a Harmony Pipeline.  Most models are made using Open Sub D Smoothing with UV’s made in 3DCoat/Photoshop.

Rick and Morty / Solar Opposites 3D models

Final Space 3D models

Interactive Turn Arounds

Here are some interactive models you can view through the Sketchfab 3D viewer!

Advanced Version of the Navy’s C2 Greyhound
A Classic Convertible with line art texture
IBM 360 Mainframe

Video Turn Arounds

YouTube player
Galaxy 1 Final Space 3D Model
YouTube player
Vindicators 3D Spaceship
YouTube player
Rick and Morty Citadel Cop Car
YouTube player
Standard Crown Victoria Police Car