Here are some of my personal animation projects.  Animation done in Animate CC (adobe Flash)  and TV Paint. Backgrounds via Photoshop, and compositing in After Effects.

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You Down For Sex? Short Animation.

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Cat Animation Test for BaM Animation

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Fundamentals of Modern 2D animation. Process Demo From Brent Noll on Youtube

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Walk Cycle of my character from Pipeline.

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Looping Car Animation I made for BaM!

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Looping animation of a medieval mud farmer.

Animated Apollo 11 Gifs I made for Giphy

Some more Aerospace GIFs!

Animation Class

Interested in learning more? Take my Animation Class!

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Jump Start into Animation!

Put down your pegbars and pencils, because this class is about learning animation the modern way. Students will dive head first into a series of projects specially designed to get you animating fast. Starting with the foundation, we will get an introduction to Adobe Animate CC and learn about the principles of motion. Students will practice being an animation clean up artist, design their own animation friendly characters, and build a walk cycle. This class will introduce students to basic 2D rigs (IE: Symbols), and we’ll learn to combine these new tools with traditional animation techniques. We will go over the process for finishing animation, including inking, coloring and even lighting. In the final project, students will animate their own short loop. (Note: Introductory course price, subject to change)

I know it may seem like a cop out to give top marks all across but Brent really deserves it. He expressed his reservations over this being his first class but proceeded to exceed every expectation I had for the class. He used his own experiences and industry know how to help us further our craft. All his critiques were thorough and on time. 

-Student Feedback

Head over to CG Master Academy if you would like to learn more about my Animation Class