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I wasn’t really satisfied with the digital scans I was getting from Burbank Cam Photo, I think they were only 1500px wide, and some one had already gone in and maxed out the contrast, So I decided to give Glendale Digital Photo a chance based on a recommendation from friend, and the scans I got back were AMAZING!

I got the enhanced Scans for like $21 I think, they are about 6700 by 4500! and all the highlights and details have been preserved!

My friend Emily modeled for me on this new roll of film. I got a light leak on one of the images, not sure where it came from. But I think its possibly from when I tried to take the lens off? It does look kind of cool though!

Low light is really tough on film, but I did get a nice photo of Kendra at the Fosters Freeze

And For the last few shots I took the Camera out to Paradise cove in Malibu to get some lovely Beach scenes.

Every where is out of film right now So had to order some Portra 400 online!

Canon Ae-1 Program

The first good set photos!

I got the the first (good) set of photos back from the lab this week from my Canon Ae-1 Program! I did shoot a roll of expired film on it over christmas but the results were awful. These were taken on Portra 400

These photos came back pretty small so next time I would like to get them processed larger or by a different lab. I got these done at Cam photo in Burbank who uses Swan Labs I think?

I pushed these photos a bit in light room with some presets, but the colors came out very nice!

Focusing on this camera is really difficult. There were more than a few shots that I was certain had perfect focus with the split prism that still came out blurry. I’m actually still not totally sure if the aperture works on the Quantary Lens, so more testing needs to be done. But so far I love this camera!

Tamron 17-70mm

My Christmas present to myself this year was new Tamron 17-70mm f2.8 lens to replace the 16-50 kit lens from Sony. I found myself mostly shooting with the kit lens so it was time to drop in a replacement that didn’t have a variable aperture. I really wanted the extra range too over something like the sigma 18-50. It is a big boy though.

This lens will hopefully stay on the camera 90% of the time, It is wide enough to use for my streaming set up, but also zoom’y enough to get some lovely focal lengths. I think I much prefer 35-70-ish ranges outside. (APS-C so that’s 50-105)

I also got a new (old) camera that I am excited to try out! A Canon AE-1 Program gifted to me by my dad! Hopefully the roll I shot on it last week wont be a muddy mess! Here is a nice macro shot I took of it with the Tamron

The Tamron minimum focusing distance is really close so it makes a wonderful pseudo macro lens.

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