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Joshua Tree 2021

The Discord group took a trip to Joshua Tree and 29 Palms this weekend for few days of Mario kart and National Parks!

The first night/day was spent making food, and mucking about, Jack brought a loaf of Rice Krispy treats that he made. Chloe and Max enjoyed the pool!

There was plenty of candy and video games for every one, A whole bag of ring pops and car shaped waffles. Justin, Jack, Gabe and April had a super Monkey ball tournament.

Then we went into the park, I have a national parks pass so our car got in for free! First stop was Skull Rock!

Next we headed over to Barker Dam, I made Chloe drive on a bumpy dirt road, but the trail was worth it.

We found the dam!

The Group looks out over the majestic desert!

On the way Back we saw some Petroglyphs!

And finally caught up with wilder who had been drawing the whole time!


A mission to the Space Shuttle Endeavour!

For my 33rd birthday, I wanted to take my friends to the Space Shuttle Endeavor at the California Science Center. I loved the space shuttle program and it is always so cool to see a real space ship up close.

The Endeavour! OV-105!
The RS-25 Engines, some of the finest ever made. 1 of these has Flight time and the others are test models because the real ones will be used for the SLS!

My gift to myself this year was a Lego model of the Discovery Orbiter. It took me 3 nights to build and was over 2,000 pieces. I have displayed above my bed. It also included a little Hubble telescope that can fit inside the payload bay!

Yosemite Camping 2021

Went to Yosemite National Park with my two friends Chloe and Phoebe! it was a 4 night camping trip and we were lucky enough to get to stay in the Valley at Curry Village, We also stayed a Hotsprings, and saw Devils Post Pile. Much Wine was had by all, Here are some of the Highlights.

Hot Springs Campsite!

The first two nights were spent at Benton hot springs!

Devils Post Pile

Then we Saw The Devils Post Pile in Mammoth

Yosemite Valley!

Finally two nights in Yosemite valley where we hiked the 4 mile trail and saw amazing views of Half Dome! it was almost 10 miles round trip! I got some Ice cream at Glacier Point.

made it to the top!

Took an extra day off work for this but totally worth it!