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New Years Camping in Joshua Tree

This year my friend Clay rented out a whole Campsite in Joshua tree for us animators to ring in the new year. and let me tell you it was freakin’ cold. Also lots of fun too!

I arrived at about 3 on new years Eve, with just enough time to pitch my tent and look around. It gets dark so early out there.

My plan was to use my new Vivatar Flash to take photos of people! I had no clue if they would be in focus, since I couldn’t see a thing, but they ended up working perfectly! Maybe its because I stopped down to F11, and just got the focus kind of right? Either way, the 40 year old flash worked and I am so happy!

We also had wonderful hot cider provided b Brittany and Neisje!

Somehow we made it through the night, even though it got down to 35, then we had sooo much coffee! I think coffee was brewing consistently for 6 hours!

It got a little bit warmer, and we did some rock climbing, I didn’t get to far away from the camp site because I really wanted to be around for lunch!

Lunch was provided By Luciano, who drives this really cool vintage Jeep Cherokee!

Christmas in San Antonio 2023

This year for Christmas I flew back home to Texas to spend some time with my family and enjoy the San Antonio Festivities! We went to downtown San Antonio on Christmas eve to walk on the river and enjoy the lights!

The River walk was all lit up! We watched the brightly lit boats go by on this magical evening. I convinced my mom and my brother to stand in the light for a second as well so I could get a picture of them.

My mom has saved all of my K’nex from when I was a kid, and everything including all the motors still work! So I also spent Christmas even building the Power Tower Crane, which is something I got as a Christmas present, maybe in 2003?

My dad is really into shooting targets, so on the 26’th, he took us out to a ranch to test our aim on some steel targets. I got to use the M1 Garand.

Here is my brother testing out his new pistol, And these last two I took with my 35mm Canon Ae-1P

I also visited my cousins, and we played a game that is like werewolf, except Donner Party themed! Also plenty of spiked eggnog to be had there as well!

RaM and Solar Holiday Parties!

It’s that time of year again! where the studios pay for a big fancy party and open bars for all the hard workers! This year we went to two bit circus, and another fancy rooftop bar for the Rick and Morty/Solar Opposites respectively. Here are some of the highlights!

There were lots of cool arcade games to play and hidden rooms to enjoy! Also a Taco Bar!

Here are a few people chillin, And some how I managed to cram myself into a chest in the legends of the hidden temple room. Luckily Ant got me out!

Every one was there, including past co workers.

A few days later was the solar opposites party. I didn’t end up taking too many pictures there, but here are a few!

The first of many holiday parties!

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