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Dodgers vs the Reds!

Animators see what a Sportball is all About!

Saturday Night a few of us from Rick and Morty got box seat tickets to a Dodgers game, I’ve been in LA for 10 years now and never seen a game, so I figured it was time. Plus I really liked seeing what Dodger Stadium looked like when I got my vaccine, and always wanted to see it from the inside!

I left more than an hour early. But to get into dodger stadium from my apartment (only 9 miles way mind you) took over 2 hours! I didn’t arrive until the 5th inning and I had to pull over on stadium way just to use the bathroom. I’ve never seen such a traffic jam. Maybe dodgers fans just watch from home?

There was a sweet little model outside. I was too late to get a shot of the park during the day, so the cool little model had to suffice.

The first order of business was getting a dodger dog, They had a buffet full of them sizzling in the room. basking in the hotdog water, waiting to be eaten. I forgot to add chili on mine. oh well, next time.

Wes take a huge bite of a doggo!

The box seats were exceptional. We had an amazing view of the stands, the game and all the cool old architecture and glow’y signs.

I love the colors. That pastel blue siding looks amazing with the stiped green. Probably even better during the day time.

I think the first 6 innings were spent enjoying the free alcohol, After that people started to realize there was a game happening outside.

Much discussion was had about sportball.

The lighting came out just right for these shots!

We gathered every one together for group photo.

This is probably the first time I’ve ever used the flash on my camera, It’s certainly not a flattering look, but I liked the cool diagonal shadow on me in this shot that Kevin took.

some one hit a foul ball, and then the dodgers won, and then we all somehow got a free pizza! Also I love this family taking a victory photo underneath us!

The Dodgers win the Superbowl, The Dodgers win the Superbowl!

Canon 30-70mm F4 Lens

Test Shots from The New (old) Lens

I finally got a new lens for this bad boy! I’m all but certain at this point that the Quantaray lens was yellowed and that the shutter was stuck, but this 1979 30-70 f4 seems to be working great!

Took it around Burbank and Malibu last weekend to see how it works!

Burbank isn’t really this teal, but I love the bright pastel blues so I add that in Lightroom Its based on a Dunna Did it Filter.

It really does something to these charming old buildings.

Then I took a roll to Malibu Creek State Park to catch some of the rolling hills. The hills aren’t really orange, All these photos are the same color as the green one, but they certainly looked cool with the Lightroom preset on it, so I went with it.

The Mash Site is my favorite, They got a cool old ambulance out there, and some even say it looks like Korea.

And the last two here are straight from the lab with no corrections applied. I do like how the colors come out naturally, but I cant help but add a bit more.

Jack’s Birthday

The weather is getting better and Jack is turning 28, so the discord group set out for the old LA zoo for a little picnic party! I brought both my cameras! I started off with the Canon Ae-1P This would be the first roll shot with the new 30-70mm lens. The colors I got were much better!

The sunlight only burns for a moment on this group of terminally online nerds.

Liana Grilled up some hot dogs on a little propane stove, while max and Kevin shot each other with Lasers

Justin is always laughing at something

The guns were a bit finnicky but Kevin was quite a shot, and blasted his way to victory.

The piñata was appropriately themed for this group of Nintendo fan boys

As the light was dimming I got 2 last shots of Wilder and Max

There was a random model that showed up that people were taking pictures of! I walked over and got one of her, and then an accidental double exposure of her over Max and Dee.

The light was getting darker, so I pulled out the digital camera for the last few shots!

People got all dizzy and attempted to smack Mario

Then people tried on the severed head of Mario, and Jack got to make out with his true love.