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Flash 30!

My friend Ilana is Turning the big 3-0 this year so to celebrate we all had dirty martinis and wore our fanciest garments! Also I brought both cameras and a new (old) vintage battery powered Cannon Speed lite 199A for my Canon AE-1p!

I was 3 Martinis in when I took this picture So I have NO IDEA what settings I used. the flash can be used in an automatic sense where you set the distance and the ISO on the back of it and it controls the camera and the F-stop. Still learning!

Ilana also got some very appropriately numbered balloons to pose with!

Emily squeezed through the zero after enough Drinks!

Then we all posed with our outfits! I wore suspenders, as it is the only 20’ish thing I own, Ilana wore a fancy two piece glittery outfit, and Emily had her classic black dress.

The Girls love posing and Ilana’s apartment has really cool lights that make for great colors!

Then I stuck a plant in the front of the camera to make some cool foreground blurry elements.

After this I started to get brave enough to use the Flash. I got this vintage Speedlite 199A on eBay for $29.99. I blinded the girls a couple of times on the balcony before I had them pose a bit off to the left.

I love the way these images came out. It looks like a vogue shoot haha! Your supposed to put the aperture in automatic mode and then choose the settings on the flash itself. But I think I had the aperture set manually and the flash was just doing what ever it wanted to do. I need to re read the manual.

These photos came out slightly blurry which means I changed some settings. I was far to drunk to write any of this down though. But they still look great.

Happy birthday Ilana! Welcome to 30, I promise it will be even better than your 20’s Im having a blast so far and I’m only 3 years in.

Partying with a 40 year old camera makes you think, no matter how long I live. The camera will still be older than me.

Sketch Toonz Meet Up!

Gen Invited me to a meet up of the Sketch Toonz LA Group! They meet once a month or so and talk about animation stuff. The group is a bunch of young aspiring animators who either work, or want to work in the animation industry, So basically a bunch of indoor cats getting some much needed escape from screens.

This is Gen! Gen is the group leader, and also the most outdoorsy, so far as I know. They can skate real good on the quad type roller skates and has recently convinced me to buy a pair (still waiting on a pair of size 12’s to come in stock)

Hey they are conversing with the Artists? Animators? Toonerz? What do you call a bunch of artists on discord in a large mob in the middle of a city park? I genuinely don’t know!

Here are other Sketchers (not the shoe) caught in the wild. The banana dress girl is Bob!

The backdrop of the Sketch Toonz hang out are these lovely tanks that seem to have something to do with Burbank Water and Power. I haven’t figured out what their exact purpose is, but once I do, Ill let you know. And also seen is an occasional Airbus A320 ✈

A Corgi visited us and every one was busy sketching away.

Nikki and her Friend posed for a few photos too!

I think this picture ended up being my favorite. The shadows came out just soft enough to be flattering. And Nikki loves to pose.

The next event with the Sketch Toonz group was at Griffith park. This event was more informal but had some of the same people So I went ahead and included it in this post.

I’ve been experimenting a bit with outdoor flash photography. So I set up my camera on a little tri-pod and blinded Gen and Joey with an authentic Canon Speed-lite.

We had some amazing Kabobs roasted up by Joey, and Charlie attempted to fly a kite!

Griffith park was very festive this day, Tons of bounce castles, piñata’s and loud speakers. But here were a few unclaimed tables. Probably vacant because they were in direct sunlight.

All of the images above were shot on film with the AE-1, but I also brought my Sony because I was doing some filming that day with Max as well for BAM! So here are a few digital shots.

Gen And Charlie enjoying cookies

Marshmallows were roasted and a few of us got misshapen cartoon popsicles for 3$ what a steal! I got myself a classic sonic pop with gumball eyes. I don’t know how long this particular treat was sitting in the freezer, but by the time I bit down on it, the gumballs were pretty crunchy and turned to dust in my mouth!

Pool Fight!

Summer is in full swing here in Burbank with temperatures soaring into the 90’s most days, but luckily Kendra and Clay are very generous with the pool parties. Last Saturday a few of us gathered together for a day wet and wild summer time fun. Kendra greased up the slide for us.

The slide, although not technically legally to build currently, was grandfathered into operating status, and is the correct way to enter the pool.

I went down a couple of times to get these perfect shots, taken by Emily.

On the other side of the pool, people cooled down with refreshing beers.

Some folks also enjoyed a sparkling wine courtesy of Ilana!

POV, you are me trying to take a candid picture of your friend with a 40 year old camera.

After much boozing it was time to ride the inflatable chickens to determine who would become champion of the pool. In the two years I’ve been attending these pool skirmishes, I don’t think Clay has ever been defeated. Probably because he owns the pool.

In a moment of bravery(?) Justin headed off against Nick…

and died in a water grave. He was never seen again.

I do love a giant concrete hole filled with water. Thank you Clay and Kendra for hosting and letting us apartment dwellers bask in the waters of your mid century backyard paradise.