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Boating in Big Bear

Took an amazing trip to big bear with Max, Chloe and Phoebe! we even got to rent a pontoon boat!

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Here is the video I made of the boating trip, brought the drone for some cool fly by shots. and of course, some Picture highlights!

We were a bit faster than this boat

Day 1 was Spent having coffee and climbing up to castle rock!

Day 2 we rented a Pontoon boat and toured the lake! I even got to drive!

the view from the dock!

Then we took a hike up a ski lift! I loved looking at all the empty lift equipment

I love the way these look!
Phoebe doesn’t normally star into the sun, but I told her to for this picture!

Animators Visit JPL!

A Bunch of Cartoonist’s get a Glimpse of Raw Rocket Science!

Today a small group of Rick and Morty artists had the privilege of touring Nasa’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory in Pasadena, As a space nerd, I was was loosing my mind over this very rare Opportunity to see one of America’s finest rocket labs. I’ve had a Curiosity in space exploration ever since I was a child, but my artistic Perseverance lead me to end up in space animation, rather than space exploration.

On explorer Blvd

First stop was mission control! Where they move the rovers around!

We rub the good luck peanuts and Kendra pretends to send commands to a satellite. Tommy doesnt quite know how to act for the camera!

getting briefed on the mission outline!

After the mission briefing, it was quick walk over to the building where they actually build the ROVERS!

Every one got a photo with Curiosity! Making sure to avoid the nuclear power cells in the back!

Oh Rover of the red sands, what is your wisdom?… “Next time, make my wheels stronger!”

We even got a glimpse of Perseverance being assembled!

After that is was time to see all the models of Rovers and Satellites from years past! My favorite rover is Sojourner from the Mars Pathfinder mission, we also got to see a model of Explorer 1, Surveyor, Casini, Spirit and Voyager!

And Lastly I got a selfie with Voyager’s Golden Record!

L.A. Fleet Week

A Battleship Bonanza!

There’s nothing I love more than steel and steam gauges so I was super excited that Fleet Week was coming to the Port of Los Angeles!

All the cool Coast Guard and Navy ships have come to visit LA! I dragged my friends here to see the festivities… and so they could see their tax dollars at work!

Unfortunately we weren’t early enough to get a tour of the current active Navy ships. But we did snag some passes to visit the historic USS Iowa, which is still my all time favorite ship.

Here’s a few photos of the group on the deck. I love the colors of the light reflecting on the metal. it makes for some wonderful portraits!

I love the way the flags look on the cold steel! The flags all communicate something, and are sometimes more effective than modern radio communications!

We even got to see a demonstration of a Coast Guard helicopter rescue mission!

Some more photos of freindssss! Elisa was nice enough to pose with me in front of the legendary 16 inch guns. This was a tough photo to get, there were so many people!

Some cool photos of old technology!

Will hopefully return soon! Though maybe on a less busy weekend!

In 1939, this thig was essentially space ship technology! look at those turrets, Also I kinda like how soft this picture came out!

This was actually the second time we visited, The first was before I owned any sort of camera, So here are some cell phone pics from 2017!

This was for my 28th birthday! a few of my friends from shadow machine and other work colleagues came down to long beach to humor my love of WW2 history!

And once I even got a chance to sketch the interior of the bridge!

She’s a beautiful hunk of steel.