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Big Sur Group Trip

My friend Max took us to Big sur this weekend to get all of us internet vampires out of our apartments!

A video of all the Drone Footage and Cool shots set to music! all captures with my a6400, and Mavic Pro. Plus an assortment of cell phones

Day one was spent mucking around the cabin!

Found a bathtub

Day 2

Exploring a bit of Big Sur!

Act Break

Forest and Phifer Beach!

Final Day

Droning on the final day!

Zion National Park

Had an Amazing opportunity to visit Zion national park where we hiked Angels landing and the Narrows! Here’s a little vaction video I made i with my a6400 and some cell phone clips

Got some amazing photos as well!

Angels Landing!

I had no idea what I was in for. max just suggested this hike! was an amazing experience teetering on the edge of a sheer cliff with thousand foot drops on either side!

Water Falls

afterwards we took a quick hike to some falls!

The Narrows!

Day 2 we hiked the narrows! i was wary at first about trudging through the water but I honestly loved it!

Its getting narrower!

Last day, Headed home!

The last day we headed back but not before visiting the Pioneer Saloon! I love Fallout new Vegas so I proposed that we stop in Good Springs to visit the Pioneer Saloon. It’s real! Also saw lake mead, and I think I saw the entrance to Black Mesa!