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Planes of Fame!

Way out in Chino California is a General Aviation airport that has one of the coolest collections of old planes you'll ever see! Nathan and I had talked about visiting Planes of Fame, so today we headed out past the madness of LA to dusty valley of the Inland Empire to see some living aviation ... Read More

LA Fleet Week 2022

Fleet Week is the special time of year when active duty Navy ships come to visit the Port of Los Angeles. Any one can go and see all the cool boats, helicopters, planes, tanks and meet a service member. As well as get an up close view of how your tax dollars are spent. As a fan of big metal ... Read More

Clay’s 34th!

Clay turns 34 this year! gosh we're all getting so old. So we celebrated at Kendra's house and had a smashing good pool party! Clay grilled up some amazing burgers from the Handy Mart. An order of 44 burgers wiped out their supplies for the day! Drew spent the most time in the ... Read More

The Icon

For this roll of film I decided to mail of my cannister to the Icon LA, I didn't want to have to drive to Melrose so for a few bucks extra they let you mail it in with a prepaid postage stamp. The processing they did was wonderful but I think there was something up with either the film or ... Read More

Tamron 17-70mm

My Christmas present to myself this year was new Tamron 17-70mm f2.8 lens to replace the 16-50 kit lens from Sony. I found myself mostly shooting with the kit lens so it was time to drop in a replacement that didn't have a variable aperture. I really wanted the extra range too over something ... Read More