Drone Footage

Flying Drones has been a side passion of mine since 2016! I have an original DJI Mavic Pro that I have been taking with me around southern California! Here are some of the videos that I have shot with it.

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I got some lovely shots of Vasquez rocks!

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As Well as the LA river Bike Path and a snowy Idyllwild!

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Some of the best footage I ever got was flying over the Cotswold’s in the English countryside!

If you wish to use any of my Drone footage, I will be hosting all of the raw video files on a public drop box. Simply select the location you wish to browse and download the 4k raw video files. These video files are shot at 29.97 fps using the D-Cinelike color profile, so you will need to color correct them or re interpret the frame rate yourself in post.

Links coming soon!

  • Los Angeles – Baldwin Hill
  • Burbank – Various Locations
  • Pasadena – Overpass
  • Los Angeles River Bike Path
  • Malibu
  • California – Desert Locations
  • Vasquez Rocks
  • California – Idyllwild