Game Development

Pathfinder 2

Pathfinder 2 is short puzzle game I made for the Awful Summer Summer indie game jam 2017,  I was part of a 3 person team including:

  • Coder/Level designer Blastron
  • Audio/Composer Ultigonio
  • and my self,  the character, Environment and 3d Artist.
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The game was created in the Unreal Engine 4 and made in less that 1 month.  Tons of hard work and compromise went into it but in the end the game is playable and cute.  Please enjoy this Mars Rover themed puzzle game. Please check to make sure you got a legitimate copy.  stolen versions of the game exist and are causing known bugs!


  • WASD to steer
  • Shift for a speed boost
  • Space for jump jets
  • E for interacting/grabbing
  • Mouse wheel to drag grabbed objects

Pathfinder 2 is a puzzle game sort of like a Zelda Dungeon mixed with portal, mixed with Rocket League! Pick up the Blocks, Activate Buttons and figure out how to drain the water from the flooded pump rooms! Download today!

PATCH 1.1 is here!


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