As a YouTube and Camera Enthusiast, I am a one man production house.  I specialize in educational talking head Interview style video work with a casual feel and lots of B-roll. Please check out samples of my video work.  Some of which are for clients, friends, and fun.

Interview Style Videos

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A video I produced with Chloe Bristol about her picture book illustrations and her various publishers.
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This video got my friend Jack elected to E-Board for the Animation Union
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I edit All my videos in Adobe premiere.  Here is some instructional content I made for CG Master Academy about my video editing process.
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A video about a day at the range with my dad!

BAM Animation

I also make videos for BAM Animation,  which is a YouTube channel that my friend Max Pauson and I work together on.  Here is a video I edited and directed for Bam Animation.

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This video has features hand made animation in Flash, and Harmony, as well as motion graphics made in after effects
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Draw with cleaner Lines!
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All about Digital drawing
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Perspective drawing in Photoshop

Vacation Vlogs

And here are a few more fun vacation style videos I made with my friends!

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Fun Vacation video I made from our trip to big bear!
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Vacation Vlog of Big Sur
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Vacation Vlog of Big Bear
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Exploring Zion


I own all of my own production equipment, Lights Camera, Field Recorders. Here is a current list of shooting equipment I use:

  • Camera : Sony a6400
  • Lenses: Sony 35mm 1.8 Prime, Tamron 17-70 F2.8
  • Audio Recorders: Zoom H1N, Zoom H6
  • Lights: Daznee D50 Bi Color LED x3, Pixel G1s RGB
  • Shotgun Mic: Diety S-Mic 2S
  • Lav Mic, Rhode Smart Lav+
  • Broadcast Mic : Shure SM58, Samson q2u
  • Drone: Mavic Pro

It has become quite a collection at this point! And I have a enough equipment to cover a range of small shooting situations with one or two hosts!

On the set with Max!

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Advertisement I made for my online animation class at CG Master Academy